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Salzling - Feine Natursalze für jeden Geschmack

Salzling – Feine Natursalze für jeden Geschmack

Entspannung leben

Entspannung leben

Wild herb walk: On our property led by Mrs. Beck, Salzling Mettingen. Determination and use incl. subsequent tasting.

Wildkräuterspaziergang  Wildkräuterspaziergang


  • Cycling
  • Hiking (natural path experience)
  • In-line skating
  • Fishing
  • Nordic Walking (marked routes)
  • Golf
  • Rock climbing in “Kletterwald” Ibbenbueren
  • Swimming (heated public pool, natral sea or lake pools in Ibbenbueren)
  • Diving (a natural diving paradise)
  • Glider airfield
  • Model aircraft airfield


  • Water mill in Velpe
  • Megalithic Tomb in Westerkappeln
  • Summer toboggan run and Fairytale Land in Ibbenbueren
  • Hiking the escarpment hills Doerenther Klippen
  • Garden in Doerenthe
  • Trip to the Alfsea (lake)
  • Aasee (lake) in Ibbenbueren



  • City Church in Westerkappeln
  • Tueoetten Museum in Mettingen
  • Mail and School Museum in Mettingen
  • Coal Mining Museum in Ibbenbueren
  • City Musuem in Ibbenbueren
  • Open Air Theatre in Tecklenburg
  • Clothier Museum in Bramsche
  • Varusschlacht Kalkriese – Battle of the Teutoburg Forest